Captain Trafficliscious

Back in December of 2017, I shared with you a new and improved version of Captain Traffic, a character I created about 16 years ago for There were even more poses I did of the courageous Captain, and now that Comedy Traffic School is using a few of them on their website, it was time to show you a couple more here on the ol’ blog!

Originally conceived as a humorous comic book type of character all those years ago, the whole approach to the good Capt. this time was to create him without the typical comic book lines. It kind of gives him a more modern look now, with a hint of nostalgia and a whole lot of whimsy. And who doesn’t need to experience a little bit of whimsy when they have to experience traffic school, am I right?


Captain Traffic is very manly – so manly that he isn’t afraid to show his emotions.
Up, up and away! – which is what you hope your bad driving record will do after going through traffic school. (rimshot)


If you’d like to see the previous Captain Traffic illustration posted last December, feel free to CLICK HERE!!