2018 Monster Month: Blue Frankie

I hate to disappoint, but I decided that this year I won’t be doing my usual Monster Month series through the month of October. Typically I post a new monster drawing each weekday during this month, but things have been just a little too busy with some freelance projects, and being full-time on a new series for Warner Bros. based on Dr. Seuss’ Green Eggs & Ham book. (Oh yeah, I haven’t really announced that in a big way yet. So, guess what I’ve been working on lately?)

ANYway… I may post the occasional monster here and there this month, but it won’t be an onslaught this year. That being said, let’s kick off October 1st with a new version of my favorite creature that goes bump in the night, Dr. Frankenstein’s monster!


Dr. Frankenstein was talented medically, but he sure didn’t know the first thing about orthodontia.