68th Annual Reuben Awards – Part 5

Even though the Reuben Awards convention was only three days long, the cartoonists did so much stuff that the photos needed to be spread over five days! This last post for the 2014 gathering is of our farewell gala held on the evening of May 25th on the top deck of the USS Midway aircraft carrier/museum! What a great venue for a party! You have the harbor on one side with the setting sun, and you have the city of San Diego basking in the glow of that sunset on the other side all while surrounded by fighter jets, imposing helicopters, and cartoonists!

Unique to this event was that many injured servicemen and women were invited to attend with their families. The National Cartoonists Society members were able to mingle and draw for these brave folks throughout the evening.

Once again, the photos can tell the story…


Top Gun
Bill “Maverick” Morrison with Greg “Goose” Walker.
B.C. comic strip
Patti Hart (of the “B.C.” comic strip legacy) on deck.
Onion & Pea
Former head of King Features Syndicate Joe D’Angelo chatting with “Onion & Pea’s” David Tomaselli and Josè Villena from Spain.
Jeff Keane
Cartoonists (and my dad) enjoying a buffet dinner with a San Diego skyline backdrop.
Tom Heintjes
Tom Heintjes (“Hogan’s Alley” magazine) chatting with Ohio State University’s Jenny Robb.
military aircraft insignia
Wayno (contributor to “Bizarro”) taking a photo of a helicopter’s cartoony insignia.
USS Midway deck
My pop with a USS Midway docent who is showing Dad that the planes would go thataway.
Keelan Parham
Keelan Parham doing his best “blue steel” pose and Kenny Durkin (“Duck Dynasty” merchandising artist) modeling coffee.
Editorial cartoonist Tom Stiglich (in the middle) and Brad Anderson (“Marmaduke”) spending some time with the soldier in red on the left who revealed to them that he has cancer that will likely take him within six months. Some of the stories of the servicemen in attendance were sobering to those of us who are used to making people laugh.
Bruce Higdon
Bruce Higdon continuing to make little kids smile with his drawings.
cartoonists drinking coffee
Greg Evans (“Luann”), military cartoonist Jeff Bacon, and editorial cartoonist Michael Ramirez (“Investor’s Business Daily”).
cartoonists chatting
My blurry mother Barbara, John Reiner (“The Lockhorns”) and Marcia & Joe D’Angelo (King Features).
John Hambrock
John Hambrock (“The Brilliant Mind of Edison Lee”) in his best GQ moment.
Murray Olderman
Sports cartoonist Murray Olderman having a relaxing interlude with Tom Heintjes.
Red and Rover
“No really, I have a metal falcon from Malta.” – Brian Basset (“Red & Rover”) on the right with R.C. Harvey
Beetle Bailey
Greg Walker (“Beetle Bailey”) on the right chatting with his sister Margi Hauer and her friend Trey Reynolds in the shadow of helicopters.
When the sun drops down, the ship lights up!
Michael Ramirez
Two time Pulitzer Prize winner Michael Ramirez led his band in entertaining the crowd during the evening.
Tom Richmond MAD
Tom & Anna Richmond giving away five IDW Best of MAD oversized books as door prizes, though technically there were no doors there.


Despite the shindig on the USS Midway being a rousing success, cartoonists just can’t call it a night quite yet. Many went back to the hotel where an after party was underway! Here are a few parting party pics…


Bizarro writer
Dan McConnell (contributor to “Bizarro”) who signed over an oversized MAD book he won on board the Midway to illustrator Rich Powell.
Charles Kochman
Book editor Charlie Kochman with his wife Rachel.
Stephanie Gladden
I was able to introduce Kassandra Heller and Stephanie Gladden who both work on the same Cartoon Network property but on different coasts!
Nick Meglin
Holding court at the after party was Linda Maloof and Nick Meglin (“MAD”).
Sinatra look-alike
Editorial cartoonist Mike Luckovich channeling ol’ Blue Eyes.
Ray Alma & Chad Frye
Ray Alma being very impolite by pointing at me. Some people. Sheesh.

And with that, we conclude this 2014 Reuben Awards report! Thanks for having a look at what we do when we get together! To learn more about the National Cartoonists Society, visit www.Reuben.org!

Chad About Town