68th Annual Reuben Awards – Part 4

Well, now comes the time for you to see cartoonists actually cartooning. On Sunday, May 25th, a good number of NCS members travelled to a military hospital to draw for injured soldiers. Then coming in waves of two shifts, the cartoonists descended upon San Diego’s Navy museum, the USS Midway aircraft carrier. My folks and I walked down to the ship to tour it and to see what my colleagues were doing…


USS Midway
My parents Barbara and David (a former Merchant Marine) just before boarding the USS Midway aircraft carrier.
the kiss
Now that is one giant kiss! (seen next to the USS Midway in San Diego)
comic strip artists
Bill Morrison (“The Simpsons” comics), comic book artist Stephanie Gladden, someone I can’t identify, Brian Basset (“Red & Rover”), Greg Evans (“Luann”) and Jerry Van Amerongen (“Ballard Street”) all pretending to be busy.
Bruce Higdon
Bruce Higdon, a retired Army Lieutenant Colonel, drew incessantly for the kids all afternoon and again in the evening at the farewell party.
Family Circus artist
Jeff Keane (“The Family Circus”) showing some kids how to draw and lick the tip of their noses at the same time.
Tank McNamara
Bill Hinds (“Tank McNamara”) drawing for a very tall kid with wrinkly elbows.
Silver Drawing Academy
Stephen Silver (“Kim Possible” character designer) working with a model.
Sam Viviano
“MAD’s” Sam Viviano drawing caricatures of the kids whether they wanted one or not.
cartoonists cartooning
“Adventure Time” comic cover artist Chris Houghton, Hilary Price (“Rhymes With Orange”), Jerry Scott & Rick Kirkman (“Baby Blues”) drawing on the aircraft carrier.
Rick Kirkman
Rick Kirkman (“Baby Blues”) laughing at something funny that we can’t see. How rude.
Jeff Parker
Jeff Parker (“Dustin” comic strip) really trying to sell his services. Several overweight plumbers took him up on the deal much to his chagrin.
two cartoonists
Keith Robinson (“Making It”) and Jim Horwitz (“Watson”) scribbling for the kiddies.
Matt Diffee
Matt Diffee (“The New Yorker”) drawing pictures of kids’ grandparents.
Gag cartoonist Don Orehek handing a drawing to a delighted child as Don’s wife, Suzy, looks on. Don might actually be more delighted than the kid!
Lynn Johnston
Lynn Johnston (“For Better Or For Worse”) passionately explaining the benefits of bottled water.
Ray Alma
Ray Alma cheated by wearing camouflage with his name stitched onto it. (We all could still see him by the way.)
Brian Crane
Brian Crane (“Pickles”) and Greg Walker (“Beetle Bailey”).
Jeff Bacon
Jeff Bacon who put this whole drawing event together, and does so regularly for the USO.


One more day of photos from the 68th annual Reuben Awards are yet to come – pictures from the farewell gala on deck of the USS Midway!!

Chad About Town