2021 Monster Month: Frankensteining

Every time Monster Month comes along, I make sure to include at least one version of one of the most enduring and interesting movie monsters – the one Dr. Frankenstein cobbled together from used parts.

Last year I had just started a new sketchbook while sitting in an airport. The guy sitting next to me struck up a conversation, and after a while, he nodded towards the sketchbook and asked what I did. Told him I was an artist. He asked to see the book, into which I had only done about three rough pencil sketches so far. These variations on Frankenstein’s monster were the first page, but keep in mind, they were super rough pencil lines without much detail. They were not intended for anyone’s eyes but my own at that point. He took one look at them and kind of slowly said, “Oh.” Ha! I’m sure in his mind he was like, “suuuuure, this guy draws for a living.”

Later when sitting comfortably at a drafting table, I inked these up properly, and added a little hint of color digitally. Frankie’s monster really is just a misunderstood zombie, so it was fun to play around with head shapes and looks that weren’t entirely the stereotypical thing to find the soul of the creature, and to prove to that airport stranger that I really can draw.


No fire was used in the making of this art.