2014 Monster Month: Day 7 – The Drooler

It is a hot summer day where the air is so sweltering that it feels like you could take a deep breath and drown in the humidity. The ice cream man hands out half melted popsicles. Old people wobble by draped in a shawl of sweat. Even dogs sit in the shade refusing to chase cats. You feel a hot wind on your head, and are just dripping with ooze. But waitaminnit – is that from the heat of the day? Or can something more sinister be the cause of this new discomfort?


drooling monster
It is like his own little rain cloud – the monster edition.

Return again tomorrow for a full-color spectacle welcoming you to a fun-filled family weekend!

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Huh. I hadn’t thought of that. I just looked up Jeff’s Giant Rat Creatures, and there is a similarity, though not exactly the same. Maybe they were in my subconscious when I drew this one.

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