2013 Monster Month: Day 9 – Napkin At 20,000 Feet

There you are sitting in a long, hollow metal tube hurtling through the air at speeds usually reserved for Superman when you look out the window and the maddening realization hits you that you need to draw a monster right then without having any drawing supplies handy! You plead to the passenger sipping their coffee next to you, who oblige by lending you a felt pen accompanied with a worried glance, and you go to town on the closest napkin within reach.

While I wasn’t quite as manic as William Shatner was in that classic aerodynamic episode of The Twilight Zone alluded to here, a version of the aforementioned tale was my reality when I scribbled these creatures on a United Airlines napkin.

Thankfully my visions weren’t ripping up the wing of our airplane.


Twilight Zone monster
If you do draw on a napkin, don’t forget and then wipe your mouth lest you enjoy walking around all day with ink on your face.


What thumpity-thump thumpers will Wednesday bring?