2013 Monster Month: Day 4 – Meeting Minutes

C’mon, admit it. When you are in a meeting, your mind wanders to someplace other than where your posterior is physically located. Maybe you are thinking about what you will have for lunch. Maybe you are doing mental gymnastics about all the places you have to take your kids after work. Maybe you are thinking of a land of cotton candy governed by gummy bear constables. Me? I usually have monsters on the brain, and they usually find their way into my note taking.

This past May I was in a business meeting with about 20 other cartoonists at the National Cartoonists Society’s (NCS) Reuben Awards weekend in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Of course, I don’t remember what the meeting was about now because you can see that my notes ONLY consisted of monster doodles. If you think MY notes were incomplete, just imagine what all the other creative minds in the room were putting down on THEIR note pads.


creepy crawlies
If my notes are any indication of what the meeting was actually about, keep your doors and windows locked, Pittsburgh.


The next monster comes to us in frightening color on Friday!