2013 Monster Month: Day 11 – The Wizard of Dubious Distinction

When one finds oneself with an inordinate amount of time on one’s hands where absolutely nothing constructive can possibly be taking place, one must be prepared to pass the hours with a sketchbook. I found myself in such a predicament just last week at something that can cause a shudder in even the bravest of men. Yes, I had jury duty. (insert terrifying scream here)

With my trusty sketchbook in hand, I sat in the waiting room at the courthouse sketching fellow jurors around the room, but also some monsters creeped out of my pencil onto the pages. (The two are not necessarily mutually exclusive.) Monsters such as the neighborly ones you saw in my previous post started as sketches that day, as well as the blue monster of dubious wizardry you can see below.

I say “dubious” because he hasn’t displayed one bit of magic yet, and quite frankly, I think he bought the hat at a novelty shop.


Scary Wizard
When hat shopping, he did favor the Cat in the Hat hat, but a cute salesgirl talked him into this hat of magical distinction instead. Sucker.


Return once again on Monday for our final week of MONSTER MONTH!