2011 Monster Month: Day 20 – Lumbering Beast

Every now and then I pick up my sketchbook without an inkling of what is about to come out of my hand. Often this approach is helpful to get some bad drawings out to make way for the good ones. A few weeks ago I was having one such sketch session, and the page was just full of lousy drawings. There was only a small space still untouched at the bottom of the page when the head of this creature just appeared!

Even though it was just a head sketch, almost immediately I could clearly imagine this creature’s whole body, and just had to get it onto paper! I grabbed a large 24″x18″ piece of textured paper and went to town! So, kids, start a sketchbook and doodle bad drawings every chance you get so you can recognize the good ones when they come!


Fuzzy Creature
This gentle soul seems to have a melancholy demeanor, likely weary from the weight of life’s responsibilities accumulated over several centuries of living. (Click on image to see it larger.)


Come back on Monday – HALLOWEEN – to see the grand finale for 2011’s MONSTER MONTH!!!