2011 Monster Month: Day 13 – Ice Cream

For some odd reason, I am forever fascinated with the idea that no matter how creepy and menacing a monster can be to us humans, these same monsters may also happen to really enjoy their ice cream. So much so, that there has been an ice cream eating monster in every Monster Month to date! They can have their homo sapien entrèe, then top it off with a cool, sweet dairy delight to eliminate that icky aftertaste.

Today’s art goes beyond just one drawing of a monster enjoying his frozen treat. I offer you a glimpse into a whole page of my sketchbook. You can see the beast of the hour there, but there is also a half conceived image of a creepy caterpillar creature, and what looks like a goofy dragon head.


Creepy Caterpillar
With all those flavors available out there, why does a big hairy monster always choose vanilla? At least she added some jimmies to it.


Return tomorrow to see a monster-themed corporate logo created this past year!