2010 Monster Month: Day 22 – The Babysitter

Every couple with children really should schedule a date night from time to time. You know, an evening for just the two of you without the kids. The children tend to consume your every waking moment to the point that you need to be reminded of your love for each other.

Go back to a time in your minds when your young love was budding – no mortgage to worry about, no children, no responsibilities, and quite possibly no money. (If that last one is the case, zip forward just a scooch to when you don’t have to negotiate with the maitre d.) Sounds nice, doesn’t it?

It’s settled then! Go get yourselves a babysitter right away to take care of the little squirts so you can head out to a nice romantic restaurant for two. Just don’t call the service that these children’s parents hired…

Demon Beast with kids
What are these kids still doing up?! It’s waaaay past their bedtime.