2010 Monster Month: Day 14 – Stranger In the Night

Imagine walking home from the park late one night only to be met in the dark by this huge hulking beast in a red cape. You are either going to think “Wow, that guy is really cool looking” or you may shriek in terror. Then again, maybe you’re the type who might offer him your orthodontist’s phone number.

The Red Scare
You’d look glum, too, if you had that big of an overbite.

Believe it or not, this was actually just a sketch in my sketchbook. If you look closely, you can still see my sketchy blue lines in there. I didn’t even try to remove them. I liked how the blue sketch looked so much that I inked it right there in the sketchbook, and eventually decided to scan it in and Photoshop some life into it.

Well, enjoy today’s monster drawing, and may your evening walks in the park remain relatively monster free.