Voyage LA Magazine Article

It isn’t every day you wake up and see nice things written about you in the press, but this week I had such a day.

Several weeks ago, online magazine Voyage LA interviewed me for an article about…me! And this week it became available for all to see.


This is my home studio as taken by Greg Preston for his “The Artist Within 2” book. That’s my great desk formerly located in the Disney Animation building upon which backgrounds were designed for many films. (Click on it to enlarge.)


It’s always slightly uncomfortable talking about oneself in this context. I love what I do for a living, and look forward to each new opportunity that comes my way to dissect the visual need, and come up with ideas and art to make those needs just right for clients. But to talk about oneself? You have to apply the brakes to sit here and contemplate who you are as an artist and put that into words.

Still, it is fun to show some art, and to reminisce about moments like the one below from my childhood.


Yeah, that’s me on the left with my brother and the famous singing cowboy from the movies – Roy Rogers. Click on the picture to read all about that story!