I served as the storyboard revisionist on season 2 of Netflix’s Green Eggs & Ham series created at Warner Bros. TV Animation. This is a storyboard animatic from one of my favorite scenes. This stampede scene was sooooo complicated to work out, evidenced by the fact that many storyboard artists worked on it. There are drawings in there by Casey Lowe, John Anderson, Miles Thompson, Carey Yost, and yours truly – quite possibly others as well.

As the board revisionist, I added a few shots such as the beginning stampede coming over the hills, the overhead shot of the herd, a camera move or two, several insert shots of acting, adding in animated backgrounds in other artists’ shots, and lots of clean up drawings of other artists’ rough drawings. This was the scene that just kept getting molded and changed over many months in storyboards, and then I can only imagine the work that followed by the animators, colorists, effects animators, etc.!

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