Tuesdays with “TIM”

We have now entered the LAST week of fundraising for TIM through Kickstarter. The only way we can make this cool stop-motion animated Tim Burton tribute starring Christopher Lee is if our friends, fans, and the occasional passersby offer to pledge their financial support by going to TIMtheMovie.com.

Each Tuesday during the past two months I have been sharing with you updates and artwork from the making of TIM thus far. If you have missed any of these posts, you can see them all by CLICKING HERE!

Well, today is yet another behind the scenes look at TIM. To further inspire your financial pledges, Brian and I filmed a video update last week in which we reveal our puppets for the film which you can view below…


TIM Video Update 2 from Wonder Motion Studios on Vimeo.


(If the embedded video does not play for you via an RSS reader, Facebook, or another source, you can access all our video updates at http://vimeo.com/21151171 .)

If you are among those who have been waiting for the final lap to pledge a little something to help us make this short stop-motion animated film, that lap has just started! If we don’t reach our goal 100% by March 29, then none of the pledges will be realized. So come lend a hand TODAY!

TIM the Movie Videos