Tuesdays with “TIM”

Each Tuesday of late, I have been sharing with you some behind-the-scenes artwork and information about the short animated film I have been working on with my producing partner Brian Joseph Ochab called TIM about a young boy who wishes to be like his hero Tim Burton. If you need to catch up, you can CLICK HERE to see my previous posts.

Today’s TIM report is not so much any new info about our film as it is a celebration of  our film’s narrator. You see, Sir Christopher Lee was just honored this week with the British Academy of Film and Television Arts highest honor, the BAFTA Fellowship Award. The Fellowship Award is bestowed upon those for their significant contributions to the art of film making, and as such has been bequeathed to worthy recipients such as Charlie Chaplin, Billy Wilder, John Barry, Alfred Hitchcock, Sean Connery, and Steven Spielberg to name a few.

And who presented the award to Christopher Lee? Why, none other than the actual Tim Burton.


Come back again next Tuesday when I’ll share with you some more art created in the process of making TIM the movie. And be sure to visit TIMtheMovie.com to see Christopher Lee talking about our film and more info about how you can be involved in our endeavor!

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