Tuesdays with “TIM” – As Seen on TV!

A couple of weeks ago I shared with you a version of the news below. Now that the video file can be embedded within the blog instead of being posted just as a link, I thought I’d share it once again…
A few months ago I was regularly sharing updates with you about the short animated film TIM that I have been producing with my friend Brian Joseph Ochab. Back when we went public with our fundraising efforts on Kickstarter.com, a relatively new cable channel (Reelz Channel) was talking to us about running a spot on their Hollywood magazine show Hollywood Dailies. Well, earlier this month it aired!

Hollywood Dailies did a real nice job capturing the spirit of our Tim Burton tribute film, including some interview footage of our narrator Sir Christopher Lee! The piece is littered with my artwork right from the get-go, and if you don’t blink, you’ll see some shots of me in my home studio along with some shots of Brian and me in Brian’s garage studio.


Reelz Channel – “Hollywood Dailies” from Wonder Motion Studios on Vimeo.


If you know of anyone with the resources to invest in a great film project, let me know!  Kickstarter was NOT our answer and we need financial assistance if we are to get this great short project made! I can be reached at:



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