The Sound Tracker

Those of you who follow my blog know that I have a great love for the custom music written for film and television. I consider most of it to be modern day classical music, but whether fully orchestral, or with a small band, it is music that tells a story. What better kind of music is there to listen to while you draw pictures that also tell stories?!

A few weeks ago, a friend with asked me if I might like to step away from my cartooning studio where I listen to music, so that I could step into a music studio where the music is created. He wanted me to interview composer Christopher Lennertz who has been busy at work on TWO television shows for the ABC network – Galavant and the Captain America spin-off series Agent Carter. I said, “YES!” (Otherwise, what would be the point of this blog post?) So, in an effort to hunt down information about the music, I adopted a new moniker – The Sound Tracker!


I conducted the interview in the recording control room in Christopher Lennertz’ studio in El Segundo, CA.


I first met Christopher a few years ago at a gathering in Burbank around the time he scored the mostly animated Easter movie Hop, and continued to bump into him from time to time at various film score events. I welcomed the opportunity to meet at his studio to discuss his busy work on those two shows, but he has also been busy scoring the recent movie The Wedding Ringer, and the CW television series Supernatural. Chris is one busy guy, but has managed to have all of these projects staggered in a manageable time frame.


Lennertz at work in his office composing.


The interview went live a few days ago at, and since then it has also been picked up on and! Hopefully many folks will get to know Christopher Lennertz a bit more and enjoy his work as much as I have.

Many thanks to Chris for allowing us into his studio where we recorded the interview! And without further ado, may I present the interview itself…