The Puffy Jacket

I was out the other night at a restaurant, and while sitting in the waiting area, this tall lanky fella with a  humongous puffy jacket walked by on his way out. All I saw was short hair on an interesting face, a mountain range of puffy jacket, and two long skinny legs sticking’ out the bottom. I wasn’t sure if he had on cowboy boots or loafers with a heel, but it was a sight to behold.

Now, keep in mind that I live in the Los Angeles area. I know some folks think it can be chilly here at times, but I walked into the place in short sleeves and was more than comfortable. Then again, 15 years out here and I’ve never needed more than a sweater in the dead of winter. Maybe I’m just unnaturally warm with all my natural insulation.

Well, I did this sketch later at home. He had made a visual impression on me and I just had to get it out…


Big Coat
Maybe he wasn’t actually cold. Instead, maybe he was hiding leftovers under that thing.