The Golfer

One of my favorite things to do is to go play golf. But just so that I don’t get tired of it, I only do it once, maybe twice a year. I played a few weeks ago with fellow animation buddy Drew Graybeal, and it was just a great five hours of my Saturday. Yeah, five hours. You golfers know that’s a looooong game. It was a crowded course unfortunately, and you had to wait on every hole.

They actually paired us up with another guy of whom I requested, “Please be patient with me. I only get out a couple of times a year, so I’m likely to be rusty.” He proceeded to interpret that as “this guy is a beginner.” He kept giving me golf tips on every hole, and trying to encourage me. Granted, I was hitting 8s and 9s for about the first third of the game, but I was just getting warmed up.

When I started hitting 5s and 6s, his comments changed to be like “yeah, you’re starting to get it!” Then I hit a few pars, almost got a birdie, and sunk a 20 foot putt. The rest of the game he kept saying incredulously “You are NOT a beginner.” I never did say I was a beginner, but it was at that moment that I regretted not being a betting man. I could have made some coin off that game! I ended with a 113 which isn’t great, but it’s not bad for only playing golf about twice a year.

So, anyway, I say all that to accompany this digital painting I did this week just for fun of a senior golfer. I think any serious golfer must play with a crazy pair of pants. Tragically, my own wardrobe lacks a pair like that. If not anything else, they serve as a distraction to your opponents. Just wear them within sight of your pals as they are driving.


The Golfer
It’s always amazing to watch the old guys on the course limp up to the ball, then smack it straight and true with no hesitation.


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