It’s Baaaaack!

It’s hard to believe, but after a two year absence here on the ol’ blog, I am pleased to announce that I have decided to bring back¬†Monster Month posts for the month of October!


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Beginning in 2009 (A whopping TWELVE years ago!!! Where has the time gone?!), I began posting a monster drawing per day in the month of October. I like drawing silly monsters, and with Halloween being the last day in October, it seemed like the perfect month in which to do it!

Some years were too busy to post each day, so some days were skipped, until the past two years where I was just too busy with work and life to be able to do it at all. You see, most of the time, these drawings were not something I had done for any other purpose. They were just for my own amusement created in my spare time. Perhaps they amuse you, too. I hope so, because this year there is a full set of 31 monster posts coming your way!! (I’ve been busy.)

And to call them all “drawings” is not always the best description. They can be quick sketches, more studied pencil or ink drawings, some are traditional watercolor, some utilize gouache paint, some are painted digitally, and some are final illustration quality. They can be on flat paper, textured watercolor paper, colored paper – whatever seemed to be the right choice at the time. There might even be one this year that was colored with coffee!

So, please enjoy the things that go bump in the night this month – night since they all will be posted at midnight PST each day. The first beast will be unleashed tomorrow here on the ol’ blog, on my Instagram account, on my public Facebook page, and if I remember, on LinkedIn.

If you would like to see Monster Month posts from the past to get a sense of what you’ll be facing, feel free to CLICK HERE to access all of them here on the blog!