Frankenstein’s Monster: Part 8 – It’s ALIVE!!!!!

Well, not literally alive, but it IS done! The Frankenlisa illustration has reached it’s conclusion, and it’s time for the grand unveiling.

First, I thought it would be good to repost the original daVinci painting that inspired it all. It certainly has inspired many variations over the years. I just thought it would be the perfect setting for a portrait of the monster. Mona’s background is naturally creepy, so adding a creepy castle and an angry mob along the path was a pretty organic decision. And the idea of the monster sitting there calmly for his portrait during all that chaos brought a smirk to my face not entirely unlike Mona’s.


Painted in oil, da Vinci's well known masterpiece of the Mona Lisa.
Painted in oil, da Vinci’s well known masterpiece of the Mona Lisa.


Painted in watercolor (with colored pencil accents), Frye's Frankenlisa.
Painted in watercolor (with colored pencil accents), Frye’s Frankenlisa.


I hope  you enjoyed the journey with me. It was fun to force myself to actually document my process. I never quite gave it any analytical thought before. And I’ve got ideas swirling in my head already for companion paintings of the Mummy and Dracula. We’ll see if I get to those. There are a number of personal projects on my to-do list. Picking and choosing what to do in between actual real jobs is the challenge.

If you just joined my blog with this post, I invite you to go back and follow all the steps in the creation of this piece. To make it easy for you, links to each step are below. Thanks for dropping by!


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