Bob Kurtz

Whew! Things have been REALLY busy for me lately, so much so that it has been a few weeks since my last post here on the blog. My day job has me working as a character designer on a movie about Zhu Zhu Pets toys, and a lot of evenings and weekend time lately have been spent designing props for them as well! Unfortunately I cannot show you any of that work for now, but I can show you personal stuff!

As I mentioned earlier this month, I have been taking a class at the Animation Guild on Monday nights being taught by animation guru Bob Kurtz (Kurtz & Friends Animation studio). Since tonight is the last night of the class, it seemed appropriate to show you a caricature of Bob I did during one of his lessons. Drawing the teacher was NOT part of the class agenda, but how could one NOT draw such an interesting subject matter?

Bob Kurtz at his Bobbiest during one of his lectures as depicted in my class notes.