2016 Monster Month: Day 6 – Eyes on the Ball

Today is Columbus Day, which means here in the States that many people have the day off from work. The weather is still nice in much of the country, so I imagine there will be quite a few who will make it out to whack a few balls around the course. I love playing golf, but my play is usually pretty monstrous.

As you can see with today’s monster, it is actually a repeat of my Monster Month logo eyes, but in a way you haven’t seen them before! A couple of years ago, my pal Mike Kunkel (creator of the comic Herobear and the Kid) got a few cartoonist friends together to play a round of golf in a mini tournament that he called The Cartoonist Cup. One of the requirements of play was that we had to get our own golf balls made, which I thought was a terrific idea. It isn’t hard nor too expensive to get your own design onto a golf ball.


My evil eyes ball is flanked on the left by Mike Kunkel's ball, and on the right is Jason Lethcoe's custom golf ball.
My evil eyes ball is flanked on the left by Mike Kunkel’s ball, and on the right is Jason Lethcoe’s custom golf ball.


We had a GREAT time on the course that day with a foursome that included Mike, myself, Jason Lethcoe and Stephen Silver. The reason you only see three balls in the photo is because Stephen didn’t realize we were supposed to get balls made, so at the end of the game, just the three of us traded balls with each other. They serve as a fun reminder of a good time with friends.

There is talk of getting together sometime to do this again, so perhaps in a future Monster Month I’ll have a new golf ball to share with you!