2014 Monster Month: Day 6 – The Swimmer

Now of course there are sea monsters, but then there are monsters who just love the sea.

The latter of these two monster types may have an infatuation with the water, but it does not mean that they are adept at traversing it. Some may float upon the water’s gentle ripples, while others have the body density to sink them to the bottom like a wheelbarrow full of rocks. Unless you are a monster who completely understands your limits within the liquids of this earth, it is highly recommended that you proceed with caution such as this swimmer.

Also, be sure to wait an hour after eating someone before going in the water.


Loch Ness Monster
No matter how you look in your bathing suit, be sure to look confident.

Keep your beach towel handy for tomorrow’s monster as well. It might get a little sloppy!