2014 Monster Month: Day 17 – Marshall Monster

It is not often that I collaborate with another artist, but this year I came across an up-and-coming creator whose work was so young and vibrant that I knew it was impossible to pass up an opportunity to work some magic together. His keen eye for various color combinations using his preferred tools of the watercolor pencil medium brings such incredible energy to any two dimensional composition presented to him.

I drew bears and birds and even a reptile or two for this artist, and every one of them came to life with his unique sense of color. Then it dawned on me that those subjects were but a trifle to his skills. They were so easy that they were almost an insult to the mysterious workings of his technicolor mind. What this artist needed was a real challenge – something from the realm of phenomenal fantasy. What this artist needed was . . . a MONSTER!

What better subject could there be than a creature no one has seen before nor have they lived to tell about it?! I quickly sketched the mystical beast, and my collaborator proceeded to reach into deep wells of whimsy as he applied the workings of his wet media. The results are quite stunning.

So, without further ado, may I present to you the drawing by yours truly, painted by my fellow artist (and nephew) Marshall Frye, age 7.


Marshall Frye
Striped candy, and a candy striped beast – perfect together.


Tomorrow’s monsters will take sibling rivalry to a whole new level.