2013 Eastern European Vacation 4 – Croatian Band

It has been awhile since I last shared with you a drawing from my travels through Eastern Europe last November. How about a little music from the locals?

While traveling aboard the river boat, once in awhile after dinner they would bring folks on board from wherever we were docked to entertain or enlighten us in the local traditions and customs. I believe it was when we were in Croatia that they invited a local band who performed some traditional tunes, as well as some more modern songs with their old school methods. The guys were a lot of fun interjecting a lot of personality into their performance. I took a few photos this being the best one:


Croatian music
Three of the five singers who joined us on board our ship. While they knew people were taking pictures, they probably didn’t realize that I was drawing pictures, too.


I also created a few sketches of the band while they performed, this being the best one:


Croatian musical sketch
I try to always make my subjects look as dignified as possible.