2010 Monster Month: Day 31 – The Joyful Beast

Last year, as part of my Drawn & Quoted series,  I created a pencil drawing of a wide-eyed fuzzy monster that just exuded optimism (If you’d like to see it again, just CLICK HERE!) It received wonderful reaction from folks. It is fun to know that such a positive pencil drawing elicited such a positive response. I got to thinking that perhaps this purveyor of positiveness should see the light of day in full color!

So, fresh from my drafting table just today comes this turquoise Joyful Beast in living watercolor paint and colored pencil:

Optimistic Monster
The pessimist in me thinks the monster is noticing his own reflection in the mirror, while the hopeful optimist in me thinks he’s met his perfect match. What do YOU think is floating his boat? Leave a comment!

Well, here we are – Day 31 of 31 days of Monster Month – a fresh and tasty brand new monster drawing each day in the month of October. I truly hope you have enjoyed looking at each creature as much as I have enjoyed creating them. There will be other monsters here on the blog now and then along with other art that keeps me busy, so please visit again to see what is new!

Have a safe and HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

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LOL. Thank you honey for doing my favorite critter in color. And on my birthday, too! I showed the gals in my game group here at the home and they loved it! You are soooo talented! – Auntie Elise

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