2010 Monster Month: Day 27 – 5 O’clock Shadow

I have a beard. Primarily I have a beard because I lack a fondness for shaving. Shaving is a painful inconvenience. Besides, there’s nothing wrong with a little facial fuzz. It sprouts there on it’s own, so who am I to hinder its existence.

Now, this fella, on the other hand, has issues with his stubble – it’s sharp. I suppose that is prone to be the case when your “stubble” is really yellow horns protruding from your chin. A standard razor can’t do the trick on this one. He probably needs a hedge trimmer to cut through those barbs. The only trouble is they grow back in overnight and the routine starts all over again the next morning. Actually, now that I think about it, you had better steer clear of his 5 o’clock shadow as well.

Blue Goat
Of course, after Hank shaves, he uses refreshing Aqua Velva even though it stings.