2009 Beach Sketches II

Most people often primp and prime to tuck, disguise and at times, enhance aspects of their physique to look a certain way before leaving their homes to go out. They go out of their way to acquire certain undergarment devices that lift, squish, and support the structure as if their bodies were to be seen as elegant Roman sculptures. Those same people will, for some reason, put on figure hugging or figure revealing¬†lycra and gladly let it all hang out when going to the beach. To me that is one of life’s great head-scratchers. It also provides me with great material for sketching.

So, here is part two of my 2009 Beach Sketches. Today’s post is concentrating on the beach walkers. You’ve seen them. These are the people who walk up and down the beach in a constant unorganized parade of exhibitionism. It is usually quite a sight to behold. Here are a few of the more interesting characters that crossed my line of sight:


More beach sketches to come tomorrow! Come back again!